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Computer Science and Engineering

  • Dr. D. Jaya Kumari,
  • Professor & Head of the Department
  • Phone No: 08818-284355(O)-(Ext.-377)
  • Fax No: 08818-284322
  • Email: hod_cse@srivasaviengg.ac.in

Department Profile

CSE Department came into inception from 2001 onwards with an intake of 60 seats in B.Tech. From 2006 onwards the intake was increased to 120 seats. From 2013 onwards the intake was increased to 180 seats. From 2015 onwards intake was increased to 240 seats.

CSE Department is offering M.Tech (CS) program from 2021 onwards with a present intake of 18.


Sl.No Name of the Course Eligibility Criteria Duration Intake
UG Programmes
1 B.Tech-Computer Science and Engineering AP EAPCET 4 Years 240
2 B.Tech-Computer Science and Technology AP EAPCET 4 Years 60
3 B.Tech-CSE(Artificial Intelligence) AP EAPCET 4 Years 60
4 B.Tech-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning AP EAPCET 4 Years 60
PG Programmes
1 M.Tech-Computer ScienceGATE / PGECET 2 Years 18


To evolve as a centre of academic and research excellence in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.


To utilize innovative learning methods for academic improvement.

To encourage higher studies and research to meet the futuristic requirements of Computer Science and Engineering.

To inculcate Ethics and Human values for developing students with good character.


CSE Graduates of this programme will be able to :

1. Adapt to evolving technology.

2. Provide optimal solutions to real time problems.

3. Demonstrate his/her abilities to support service activities with due consideration for Professional and Ethical Values.


Computer Science Engineering Graduates will be able to :

1. Engineering knowledge:Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science, Engineering Fundamentals and Concepts of Computer Science Engineering to the solution of complex Engineering problems.[K3]

2. Problem Analysis:Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science.[K4]

3. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specific needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal and environmental considerations.[K5]

4. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.[K5]

5. Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex Engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.[K3]

6. The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional Engineering practice.[K3]

7. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of,and need for sustainable development.[K3]

8. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the Engineering practice.[K3]

9. Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.[K6]

10. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex Engineering activities with the Engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.[K2]

11. Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Engineering and Management principles and apply these to one's own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.[K6]

12. Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.[K1]


A graduate of the Computer Science and Engineering Programme will be able to::

1. PSO1:Use Mathematical Abstractions and Algorithmic Design along with Open Source Programming tools to solve complexities involved in Programming. [K3]

2. PSO2:Use Professional Engineering practices and strategies for development and maintenance of software. [K3]

Salient Features

  • Accredited by NBA in 2018 for 3 years
  • Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade in the year 2016 for 5 years.
  • From the Academic Year 2019-20 the Department was recognised as research center by JNTUK.
  • Provisionally accredited by 'NBA' in 2012 for 2 years.
  • ICT enabled class rooms
  • MoUs with IITM, E&ICT of NITW, thingTronics, Sphere, Alykas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. and TCS-iON.
  • College has MOU with TCS for conducting Online Competitive Exams for which our Department Resources are being utilized.
  • Sphere – Center of Excellence
  • Professional Society memberships in CSI, ISTE and IAENG
  • Good faculty retention
  • More than 15% of our faculty are Doctorates
  • Sahaya, Social Service Unit, managed by CSE Students has till date donated Rs.3,41,250/- with the support of College Management.

Computer Science and Engineering

Our Faculty

S.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Profile
1 Dr. D.Jaya Kumari M.Tech.,Ph.D Professor & HOD view
2 Dr. V.Venkateswara Rao M.Tech.,Ph.D Professor view
3 Dr. G.Loshma M.Tech.,Ph.D Professor view
4 Dr. V.S.Naresh M.Tech.,Ph.D Professor & Dean(R&D) view
5 Mr. Ch.Raja Ramesh M.Tech,(Ph.D) Assoc.Professor view
6 Dr. K.Shirin Bhanu M.Tech.,Ph.D Assoc.Professor view
7 Mrs. A.Leelavathi M.Tech,(Ph.D) Sr. Asst. Professor view
8 Mrs. D.Anjani Suputri Devi M.Tech,(Ph.D) Sr. Asst. Professor view
9 Mr. R.L.Phani Kumar M.Tech Asst. Professor view
10 Mr. G.Nataraj M.Tech Asst. Professor view
11 Ms. D.Sasi Rekha M.Tech Asst. Professor view
12 Mrs. B.Sri Ramya M.Tech Asst. Professor view
13 Mr. G.Sriram Ganesh M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
14 Mr. N.V.MuraliKrishnaRaja M.Tech Asst. Professor. view
15 Mrs. N.Hiranmayee M.Tech Asst. Professor view
16 Mr. A.Rajesh M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
17 Mrs. Y.Divya Vani M.Tech Asst. Professor view
18 Mr. K.Lakshminarayana M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
19 Mr. M.Nageswara Rao M.Tech Asst. Professor view
20 Ms. A.Kiranmai M.Tech Asst. Professor view
21 Ms. G.SiriVenkata Bhanu M.Tech Asst. Professor view
22 Mr. B.Kiran Kumar M.Tech Asst. Professor view
23 Mrs. R.VinuPriya M.Tech Asst. Professor view
24 Mrs. D.S.L Manikanteswari M.Tech Asst. Professor view
25 Mr. P.Uma Sankar M.Tech Asst. Professor view
26 Mrs. G.Saraswathi M.Tech Asst. Professor view
27 Mr. M.V.V Krishna M.Tech Asst. Professor view
28 Mr. M.S.KumarReddy M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
29 Mr. K.Venkatesh M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
30 Mr. M.Satyanarayana Reddy M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
31 Mr. K.Hari Krishna M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
32 Mr. J.N.Chandra Sekhar M.Tech Asst. Professor view
33 Mr. M.Babu Rao M.Tech Asst. Professor view
34 Mr. K.DavidRaju M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
35 Mr. P.Rajesh M.Tech Asst. Professor view
36 Mrs. P.Suneetha M.Tech Asst. Professor view
37 Dr. P.Laxmi Kanth M.Tech.,Ph.D Asst. Professor view
38 Mr. K.Satyanarayana M.Tech Asst. Professor view
39 Mrs. M.Sree Radha Mangamani M.Tech Asst. Professor view
40 Mr. Ch.Hemanand M.Tech Asst. Professor view
41 Mr. Sk.Shabuddin M.Tech Asst. Professor view
42 Ms. M.Santhi M.Tech Asst. Professor view
43 Mr. M.Chilaka Rao M.Tech Asst. Professor view
44 Mr. A.Nageswara Rao M.Tech Asst. Professor view
45 Ms. M.Madhavi M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor view
46 Mrs. A.Nagajyothi M.Tech Asst. Professor view
47 Mrs. G.Prasanthi M.Tech Asst. Professor view
48 Mr. M.Y.Sekharam M.Tech Asst. Professor view
49 Mr. L.V.S.S.P.L.N.Balaji M.Tech Lecturer view
50 Mr. L. Atri Datta Ravitez M.C.A Lecturer view
51 Mr. Md. Sadik M.C.A Lecturer view

Our Non-Teaching

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Mr. K.N. Suresh System Admin
2 Mr. A. Niranjana Rao Programmer
3 Mr. K.V Srinivasa Rao Hardware Technician
4 Mr. G.Bhanu Prakash Hardware Technician
5 Mr. N.Rajasekhar Sr.DEO
6 Ms. U.Devi Lakshmi DEO
7 Mr. P.Manikanta Gupta Lab Assistant
8 Mrs. P.Harika Computer Lab Assistant
9 Mr. Md.Arriff Computer Lab Assistant
10 Mr. P.Lokesh Reddy Lab Technician
11 Mr. D.Srinivasa Rao Attender
12 Mr. M.Siva Krishna Attender
13 Mrs. A.Sri Karuna Kumari Attender
14 Mr. V. Venkateswara Rao Attender

Computer Science and Engineering

Board of Studies

1 Dr. D Jaya Kumari Professor & HOD Dept of CSE,SVEC Chairperson
2 Dr. A Krishna Mohan Professor of CSE JNTUK,Kakinada University Nominee
3 Dr. R.B.V Subramaanyam Professor of CSE NITW Academic Expert
4 Dr. S Pallam Setty Professor of CSE Andhra University Academic Expert
5 Mr. SrinivasaRaju Vuppalapati Senior Consultant MSR IT Services LLP Industry Expert
6 Mr. Eedala Rambabu Member of Technical Staff2 Micro Focus,Bangalore Alumni CSE Dept
All the Faculty Members in the CSE Dept. are Members in BOS

Computer Science and Engineering


Department Library offers a variety of books related to Computer Science and Basic Science subjects . Reference books of various subjects are procured. Various Competitive Books are available to satisfy the thirst of the students. Books are issued to students and staff. Students can access the Library facility according to their convenience any time round-the-clock.

S.No Academic Year No. of Titles No. of Volumes
1 2019-2020 455 684
2 2018-2019 449 656
3 2017-2018 447 653
4 2016-2017 403 587
5 2015-2016 365 518
6 2014-2015 313 440
7 2013-2014 305 432

Faculty Incharge
M. Anantha Lakshmi, Asst. Professor
Phone: 08818-284355
E-mail: ananthalakshmi.cse@srivasaviengg.ac.in

Computer Science and Engineering


CSE Department is well equipped with six laboratories , five for B.Tech programme and one for R&D activities.

S.No Name of the Lab Location Usage No.of Systems
1 James Gosuling
Ground Floor
WT lab, DBMS lab, Java Lab,CN Lab,C++ Lab 75
2 Edgar Frank
Ground Floor
UML & DP Lab,DS lab,ADS Lab,MAD Lab 70
3 Linus Torvalds
First Floor
FOSS Lab,OS & Linux Programming Lab, CD Lab 73
4 Dennis Ritchie
First Floor
C Programming Lab & IT Workshop Lab 61
5 PG CP Lab G-Block
First Floor
PG Lab Sessions & DS Lab 69
6 R&D Lab B-Block
First Floor
To Carryout Research Activities by Students and Faculty Members 30

James Gousling Lab

E F Codd Lab

Linux Torvalds Lab

Dennis Ritchie Lab


R&D Lab

Computer Science and Engineering


A.MOUs with Industries
    • MOUs were signed with various organizations to emphasize on:
        2.Seminars / Workshops for Students
        3.Industry Oriented Training
S.No Oraganization Name Duration
From To
1 Hexaware 25-04-2020 Tilldate
2 APSSDC 29-03-2019 Tilldate
3 Alykas Innovations Pvt Ltd 30-01-2018 Tilldate
4 thingTronics Pvt Ltd,Bangalore 20-08-2016 Tilldate
5 TCSiON 25-04-2012 Tilldate

B.Interaction with the Industry
  • As a part of Industry oriented interaction, we have organized programmes for the benefit of our students, details of which are shown below:
          1.Various Programs organized during Academic Year 2019-20-View
          2.Various Programs organized during Academic Year 2018-19-View
          3.Various Programs organized during Academic Year 2017-18-View
          4.Various Programs organized during Academic Year 2016-17-View
          5.Various Programs organized during Academic Year 2015-16-View
          6.Various Programs organized during Academic Year 2014-15-View

Computer Science and Engineering

FDP Attended

1.FDPs attended by the Faculty 2020-21-View

2.FDPs attended by the Faculty 2019-20-View

3.FDPs attended by the Faculty 2018-19-View

4.FDPs attended by the Faculty 2017-18-View

5.FDPs attended by the Faculty 2016-17-View

6.FDPs attended by the Faculty 2015-16-View

7.FDPs attended by the Faculty 2014-15-View

FDP Conducted

1.FDPs conducted by the Department to the Faculty -View

Computer Science and Engineering

Paper Publications

Book Publications

S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the Book
1 Dr. O Sri Nagesh

Public Auditing Technique for Securing Privacy in Cloud Storage: ISSBN: 978-620-2-52368-4, LAMBERT ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS, 2020.

2 Dr.V.S.Naresh

"Secure Multiparty Key Agreement": Theory and Practice, ISSBN:987-620-0-32764-2, LAMBERT ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS,2019.

"Title of the Book: Intelligent Decision Support Systems" . Title of the Chapter Published: Coronary Heart Disease prediction using genetic algorithm based decision tree,2019

3 Dr. D. Jaya

"XML and its Applications", LAP- Publications, ISBN 978-3-659-86708-8, 2016.

"A Dissertation report on the secure Online Banking",LAP- Publication, ISBN 978-3-659-86312-7, 2016

4 Mr.Ch. Raja

"Data Structures and Algorithms",TK Publications,ISBN 9789 3859 09849



Computer Science and Engineering


1. Workshops organized during the Academic Year 2019-20  - View More

2. Workshops organized during the Academic Year 2018-19  - View More 

3. Workshops organized during the Academic Year 2017-18  - View More 

4. Workshops organized during the Academic Year 2016-17  - View More 

5. Workshops organized during the Academic Year 2015-16  - View More

6. Workshops organized during the Academic Year 2014-15  - View More

7. Workshops organized during the Academic Year 2012-13  - View More

Guest Lecturers

Computer Science and Engineering



Roll of Honour

Batch RollNumber Name of The Student CGPA/Aggregate
2016-20 16A81A0535 M.Lakshmi Sailaja 80.70
2016-20 16A81A0561 A.SaiLakshmi 80.70
2015-19 15A81A05F1 M.Lakshmi Mounica 86.15
2014-18 14A81A0575 K.V.G.Satish 82.33
2013-17 13A81A05C2 A.Sai Priyanka
(College Level Gold Medalist)
2013-17 13A81A0547 S.Rajeswara Sesha Reddy
(College Level outgoing UG Student Gold Medal
for the A.Y.2016-17)
2012-16 12A81A0591 K.S.N.V.G.Lavanya 78.51
2011-15 11A81A05A6 N.Susmitha 85.91
2010-14 10A81A05A6 A.Sravya Sree 79.20
2009-13 09A81A0566 C.Hima Teja 80.70
2008-12 08A81A0510 B.Surekha Devi 83.53
2007-11 07A81A0596 V.M.Krishna 79.31
2006-10 06A81A0515 U.Kalpana
(University Gold Medal)
2005-09 05A81A0511 K.V.Sarvani 80.88
2004-08 04A81A0525 M.Krishnachand 79.70
2003-07 03A81A0518 V.Kanti 76.39
2002-06 02A81A0527 M.Poorna Chandra 76.91
2002-06 02A81A0501 P.Anjaneyulu 76.91
2001-05 02A81A0548 V.Udaya Kiran 78.61

1 2



SNo Roll No Name Score Year
1 13A81A05A0 Pasuluri Venkata Prathyusha 662 2017
2 10A81A05A8 Suggisetti Vineel 371 2014
3 10A81A0578 Kandula NagaLakshmi 359 2014
4 10A81A0527 Kavali Tejaswini 354 2014
5 10A81A05A3 Sankuratri Hymavathi 339 2014


SNo Roll No Name Score Year
1 13A81A0547 Satti Rajeswara SeshaReddy 298 2017
2 13A81A05A8 Tavva Suraj 290 2017
3 13A81A0514 Chundi Aditya 297 2017
4 11A81A0584 Karuturi Lakshmi Narayana 285 2015



Computer Science and Engineering

Merit Scholarships

For the sake of encouragement for students, every year college management provides merit scholarships to the students for the Best EAMCET rankers as well as academic toppers.

S.No Academic Year Particulars No. of Students Benefited Schlorship Amount
1 2019-20 Academic Toppers 95 100250
2 2018-19 Academic Toppers 53 51250
3 2017-18 Academic Toppers 91 67500
EAMCET Rank Holders 66 995000
4 2016-17 Academic Toppers 74 61250
EAMCET Rank Holders 56 845000
5 2015-16 Academic Toppers 68 51250
EAMCET Rank Holders 45 665000


Computer Science and Engineering

Technical Association

Department Association- Society of Computers for Ultimate Diligence (SCUD) was started in the year 2002. SCUD team conducts regularly technical fests, workshops and guest lectures for the benefit of students.
  • SCUD Activities during the year 2019-`20-viewmore.
  • SCUD Activities during the year 2018-`19-viewmore.
  • SCUD Activities during the year 2017-`18-view more.
  • SCUD Activities during the year 2016-`17-view more.
  • SCUD Activities during the year 2015-`16-view more..
  • SCUD Activities during the year 2014-`15-view more..
  • SCUD Activities during the year 2013-`14-view more..

    1 2
    Chania Chania
    3 4

    1 2
    1 2

    1 2
    1 2

    1 2
    1 2
    1 2
    3 4

    1 2
    1 2
    1 2
    3 4

    1 2
    1 2
    1 2
    3 4

    1 2
    1 2
    1 2
    3 4

    Faculty Coordinators: 1.Mrs.N.Hiranmayee ,   Assistant Professor

    Computer Science and Engineering

    News Letters

    • Newsletter Volume 11 Issue2 2020-View
    • Newsletter Volume 11 Issue1 2020-View
    • Newsletter Volume10 Issue4 2020-View
    • Newsletter Volume10 Issue3 2020-View
    • Newsletter Volume10 Issue2 2019-View
    • Newsletter Volume10 Issue1 2019-View
    • Newsletter Volume9 Issue4 2019-View
    • Newsletter Volume9 Issue3 2019-View
    • Newsletter Volume9 Issue2 2018-View
    • Newsletter Volume9 Issue1 2018-View
    • Newsletter Volume8 Issue4(b) 2018-View
    • Newsletter Volume8 Issue4(a) 2018-View
    • Newsletter Volume8 Issue3 2017-View
    • Newsletter Volume8 Issue2 2017-View
    • Newsletter Volume8 Issue1 2017-View
    • Newsletter Volume7 Issue4 2017-View
    • Newsletter Volume7 Issue3 2016-View
    • Newsletter Volume7 Issue2 2016-View
    • Newsletter Volume7 Issue1 2016-View
    • Newsletter Volume6 Issue4 2016-View
    • Newsletter Volume6 Issue3 2015-View
    • Newsletter Volume6 Issue2 2015-View
    • Newsletter Volume6 Issue1 2015-View
    • Newsletter Volume5 Issue4 2015-View
    • Newsletter Volume5 Issue3 2014-View
    • Newsletter Volume5 Issue2 2014-View
    • Newsletter Volume5 Issue1 2014-View

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Academic Year Event No. of Students Participated No. of Institutes Winners
    2020-21 NPTEL 47 1 -
    Coursera 24 4 -
    TCS iON 2 1 -
    Guvi 2 1 -
    Cisco 3 1 -
    Udemy 18 1 -
    APSSDC Courses Attended 35 1 -
    Other Certification Courses 33 18 -
    Project Based Online Certifications 14 7 -
    Workshops 16 4 -
    2019-20 Workshops(inside) 56 1 -
    Workshops(outside) 35 8 -
    Technical Events 33 4 2
    Miracle Tech Talks & DS 19 1 -
    Paper Publications 0 0 0
    Courses Attended 66 6 -
    Technical Events 21 5 8
    2018-19 Workshops(inside) 84 1 -
    Workshops(outside) 14 4 -
    Technical Events 21 5 8
    Miracle Tech Talks & DS 36 1 -
    Paper Publications 1 1 1
    Courses Attended 53 - -
    Spoken Tutorials 77 1 1
    Sports 5 5 2
    Blood Donation 19 - -
    2017-18 Workshops 18 4 -
    Technical Events 67 4 6
    Paper Presentations - - -
    Blood Donation 64 - -
    2016-17 Workshops 164 9 -
    Technical Events 88 4 9
    Paper Presentations 19 3 5
    Sports 63 12 5
    2015-16 Workshops 70 3 -
    Technical Events 76 7 19
    Paper Presentations 21 4 4
    Sports 8 2 -
    2014-15 Workshops 96 10 -
    Technical Events 53 3 2
    Paper Presentations 5 3 -
    Sports 17 5 -

    Social Services

    We come across many heart-rending incidents and pathetic conditions of people in the society everyday. We may not be in a position to give an immediate reaction though we want to.

    But the Computer Science and Engineering Students of Sri Vasavi Engineering College extended their hands to help the needy. These helping activities are going on under the name of "SAHAYA" with the slogan 'The Helping Hands' which aptly suits its purpose. SAHAYA is not a one man army rather it is the brainchild of 07 batch students and is being carried on by the subsequent batch students which sounds the real meaning of teamwork.

    SAHAYA from its first day was engaged in performing its activities. It was started with the event "CHEYUTHA" in the memory of SVEC Academic Director LATE Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy at ZP High school, Pedatadepalli by providing the fee for needy students and their necessities for study like compass boxes, books etc., and thereafter the journey of helping the needy continued uninterruptedly till date.

    Students may have many thoughts in mind but the seeds of thought have sprouted to grow with great confidence by the magnanimous support of the Management.The Management of Sri Vasavi Engineering College always infuses confidence in the students by extending their heartful cooperation.

    "SAHAYA" is aptly serving its motto and contributing its little part for the society. A drop may be small but many drops together form ocean. So, one hand may seem weaken but joining the hands together make many changes to step into a brighter world.

    Faculty coordinator:
    • Mr.Ch. Raja Ramesh
      Associate Professor

  • 2019-2020-For more details
  • 2018-2019-For more details
  • 2017-2018-For more details
  • 2016-2017-For more details
  • 2015-2016-For more details
  • 2014-2015-For more details
  • 2013-2014-For more details
  • 2012-2013-For more details
  • Computer Science Engineering


    Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

    Activities of the department towards improvement in teaching-learning are indicated in the office records as well as in college website. They are open for reproduction, for further improvement and for review.

    Some of the methods adopted by the faculty members in Teaching & Learning are:

    • Presentations using PPT, wherever necessary.
    • Technical videos for demonstration of certain concepts.
    • Usage of Software's like Rational Rose, R Software to demonstrate the concepts practically.
    • Use of E-Learning Resources like NPTEL lectures, Online journals and Online lectures like QEEE & MOOCS        for effective learning.
    • Providing Question bank with short answer questions and quiz questions.
    • Student paper and poster presentations.
    • Student seminars.
    • Conducting peer group learning to encourage the slow learners.
    • Student participation in skill tests and technical events.
    • Z to A Teaching Learning Method.

    PPTs / Question Bank / Old Question Papers
    (a).V18- Subjects
    S.No Regulation Sem Subject PPT
    1 V18 I/II Programming in C for Problem Solving download
    2 V18 III Obeject Oriented Programming for Problem Solving download
    4 V18 III DE download
    5 V18 III DM download
    6 V18 IV Computer Oraganization download
    7 V18 IV Software Engineering download
    8 V18 IV Python Programming download
    9 V18 IV Java Programming download
    10 V18 IV Formal Languages and Automata Theory download
    11 V18 V Database Management Systems download
    12 V18 V Operating Systems download
    13 V18 V Design Analysis of Algorithms download
    14 V18 V Unix Programming download
    15 V18 V Artificial Intelligence download
    16 V18 V Computer Graphics download
    17 V18 V Computer Networks download
    18 V18 VI Data Mining download
    19 V18 VI CNS download
    20 V18 VI OOAD download
    21 V18 VI ML download

    (b).R16- Subjects
    SNo Regulation Year Subject PPT QBank OldQP
    1 R16 1 Computer Programming downloaddownloaddownload
    2R162Data Structures through C++downloaddownloaddownload
    3R162Advanced Data Structuresdownloaddownloaddownload
    4R162Computer Graphicsdownloaddownloaddownload
    5R162Principles of Programming Languagesdownloaddownload
    6R162Python Programmingdownloaddownload
    7R162Java Programmingdownloaddownloaddownload
    8R162Formal Languages and Automata Theorydownloaddownload
    9 R16 4 Mobile Computing downloaddownloaddownload
    10 R16 4 Web Technology downloaddownloaddownload
    11 R16 4 SPM downloaddownloaddownload
    12 R16 4 SADP downloaddownloaddownload
    13 R16 4 Distributed Systems downloaddownloaddownload
    14 R16 4 Concurrent and Parallel Programming downloaddownloaddownload

    (c).R13- Subjects
    SNo Regulation Year Subject PPT QBank OldQP
    1 R13 3 Software Engineering downloaddownloaddownload
    2R133Database Management Systemsdownloaddownloaddownload
    3R134Distributed Systemsdownloaddownloaddownload
    4R134Cryptography and Network Securitydownloaddownload
    5R134UML & Design Patternsdownloaddownloaddownload
    6R133Operating Systemsdownloaddownload
    7R134Human Computer Interactiondownloaddownload

    NPTEL Videos
    • DBMS-View
    • FLAT-View
    • DAA-View
    • DWDM-View

    • Z to A Learning Method

      Z to A approach on 'Cloud Computing' course for final semester under graduates students based on Journal Paper titled "Cognizance and Ameliorate of Quality of Service using Aggregated Intutionistic Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm, Abettor-based model, Corroboration method and Pandect method in Cloud Computing" is discussed by Y.Divya Vani, CSE Department.-View

    Computer Science Engineering


    • Under Graduate Courses Syllabus
    • B.Tech(CSE)V18 Regulation - III & IV SEM-View
    • B.Tech(CSE)R16 Syllabus-View
    • B.Tech(CSE)R13 Syllabus-View

    • Post Graduate Courses Syllabus

    • M.Tech(CS) - V21 Syllabus-View
    • M.Tech(CSE) - V18 Syllabus-View
    • M.Tech(CSE) - R16 Syllabus-View
    • M.Tech(CSE) - R13 Syllabus-View

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Academic HandBooks

      Academic year 2021-22:I-Sem Handbooks

    • VII-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • V-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • III-Sem V20(Autonomous) Handbook-View

    • Academic year 2020-21:II-Sem Handbooks

    • IV-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • VI-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • IV-Year II-Sem R16 Handbook-View

    • Academic year 2020-21:I-Sem Handbooks

    • III-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • V-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • IV-Year I-Sem R16 Handbook-View

    • Academic year 2019-20:I-Sem Handbooks

    • III-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • III-Year I-Sem R16 Handbook -View
    • IV-Year I-Sem R16 Handbook-View

    • Academic year 2019-20:II-Sem Handbooks

    • IV-Sem V18(Autonomous) Handbook -View
    • III-Year II-Sem R16 Handbook -View
    • IV-Year II-Sem R16 Handbook-View

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Contact Info

    • Dr. D. Jaya Kumari,
    • Professor & Head of the Department
    • Phone No: 08818-284355(O)-(Ext.-377)
    • Fax No: 08818-284322
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