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Extra Curicular Activities Year Wise
  • Extra curricular activities 19-20 -View
  • Extra curricular activities 18-19 -View
  • Extra curricular activities 17-18 -View
  • Extra curricular activities 16-17 -View
  • Extra curricular activities 15-16 -View

  • Departmental Sports Meet-2k17
  • Prize Distribution to Kabaddi winners and runners -View
  • Prize Distribution to Cricket winners and runners -View

  • Departmental Cultural Meet-2k17 -View

    Industrial Visit
  • Industrial Visit on 13th & 14th Dec 18 to RADAR Weather station and PrasaraBharathi, Vizag -View
  • Industrial Visit on 18th & 20th Nov 18 to Sriharikota -View
  • Industrial Visit on 6th & 7th Oct17 to Radar Station, & Prasarabharathi Vizag -View
  • Industrial Visit on 2nd & 3rd Sep16 to Steel Plant, Vizag -View

  • Blood Donation Camp -View

        Social Services |
    About YUVA
    • There are many people who like to donate things to the poor and needy because they are blessed with every comfort and know that others are struggling,. It is everyone's courtesy to help poor children who are less fortunate, though. If you are helping someone in their need, then you are doing the right thing by providing them with the essentials. In this world it is a fact that whatever seed you sow, that's the sort of fruit you'll get.So, if we are ready to help people then we'll also get someone to help in our hour of need. Things change with the passage of time, bringing new situations to everyone's lives.
    • With this motto the Department of ECE of Sri Vasavi Engineering College has started in "YUVA" Program with the caption of "The Society Needs You" on the occasion of Engineer's Day in 2016-17.. Under this program students are involving voluntarily and identify the poor and needy people and help them. This program will be carried out once in a semester continuously. In this regard the College Management has encouraged the students by extending their heartful support.

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