Computer Science & Engineering

    Laboratories |

CSE Department is well equipped with six laboratories , five for B.Tech programme and one for R&D activities.

Sno SName Location Usage No.of.Systems
1 James Gosling Lab B-Block Ground Floor WT lab, DBMS lab, Java Lab,CN Lab,C++ Lab 75
2 E.F Codd Lab B-Block Ground Floor UML & DP Lab,DS lab,ADS Lab,MAD Lab 70
3 Linus Torvalds Lab F-BlockFirst Floor FOSS Lab,OS & Linux Programming Lab, CD Lab 73
4 Dennis Ritchie Lab D-Block First Floor C Programming Lab & IT Workshop Lab 61
5 PG CP Lab G-Block First Floor PG Lab Sessions & DS Lab 69
6 R&D Lab B-Block First Floor To Carryout Research Activities by Students and Faculty Members 30

    Softwares Available in the Lab |
James Gosling Lab E F Codd Lab
cse lab1 cse lab1
Linus Torvalds Lab Dennis Ritchie Lab
cse lab1 cse lab1
R&D Lab PG CP Lab